The power of Music

Well, i woke up today and seeing as how i don’t have cable, the internet is my commercial free televison. So as i’m chatting away on MSN and on facebook and on the phone. Yes i just love to socialize. And while this is all happening, my itunes is open and playing my recently added music. Bone Thugs n Harmony, Nas, Alicia Keys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, ColdPlay, Lil wayne. Yes, i also love variety.

I realize how powerful music is over someone. I can just imagine how cliche my name sounds. OOOooo the power of Music. But there is no other way of putting. Bcuz music does have a lot of power over a person. It can suit your mood or it can change ur mood. It can make u feel empowered, or it can sooth you. It can pump u up, or make u feel down. It’s just that powerful that it can alter your moods.

Oh, another power it contains. It can bring out the best in people. Yes, crazy right? How one may ask? Well talk to someone who paints, or writes or acts or does something artistic. Music inspires, relaxes the mind, lets the words flow. Let’s that brush dance on that canvas. Let’s that pen create on that paper. Ha ha i love it!

But wait, not all the power of music contains such positive results. Hm, yes i think you know what else im referring to. “Damn that Rap music!” hahahaha…well its not only rap music of course.

These lovely tunes, that talk about slitting and killing which are followed by gutteral screaming, and screeching guitars. Yes i’m sure the 13 and 14 year olds that discover this kind of music don’t get influenced at all right. Which is why i wonder, if artists that put out this kind of music know what it does to kids, why do they keep on doing it? Could it be greed? Come on, all these angst teens need this. Of course we will encourage this angry teenage facade. Idiots.
Making money, off kids who have anger towards their family and society. Making money off kids that wish to disappear. Making money off kids who end up dying bcuz of listening to their music. Suicide folks, music can have something to do with that shit too.

But rap music, although i listen to it, it does not influence me or have power over me the way it does for some of these little “thugs”. They go out into the street, trying to get their grind on, or fucking shoot up people. Hey if all these people make money this way and rap about it, it can’t b that bad. WRONG. It’s not okay, it’s not right, it is definitley not legit. So these kids need to relax, take a breather and realize that rappers don’t always mean what they talk about. they aren’t really trying to push these little punks into being stupid. Although for some that’s just it, an army of violent naive kids holding a gun. I don’t even know man.
That’s why i love that song “Stan”-Eminem. Cuz it just goes to show u a bit of truth within the rap industry. They don’t all mean, b angry wit the world. It’s just an…agressive form of art i guess. :S i don’t know how though hahaha.
Oh well.
All i know is that the grasp of music on people’s mind is great, whether it increases your IQ, like classical music. Or drops it, like some rap or goth rock.
But that’s just the power of Music.


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