That’s when i knew

I remember still, in Grade 1 when they used to ask us what we wanted to be. I would say stuff, like a babysitter (and now im not so crazy about little kids, only my neices). Or a lifeguard ( I can’t swim in the deep end, i have a phobia). Or even an astronaut ( absolutely terrible at Math and physics).
I remember, one day, in grade 5, i wrote a story about a princess and her prince. Her love was neverending and the story was just very cute. No other way of putting it. But wait. I could not have written that ever! Well, at least thats what my librarian/teacher thought.
Mrs. Capibianco claimed that i copied it. She made me so upset and yet a bit smug. A well deserved mark. Perhaps almost perfect. But no no, i had to rewrite it. But of course she asked me, ” And if u wrote it yourself, what gave u the idea?” I remember staring at her thinking, “This lady cannot be serious. She actually thinks i copied it.” So i told her the truth. “I got the idea from a picture of a princess and her prince. It gave me tons of ideas.” She peered at me over her glasses. She wanted to challenge me. So she told me to write another one.
I was worried! I was like, maybe this was a once in a lifetime kind of thing. Maybe i can’t do it again. So, with my head hanging low i sat down behind the cutest boy in class, Daniel Francheschetti. As i stared around, i couldn’t help but stare at the logo on the back of his jacket, which had a cowboy on it.
….hmmm…cowboys….THAT’S IT!
I wrote about the first cowgirl, another wonderful piece of writing! Christ sophie, stop copying from other people.
THATS RIGHT FOLKS! She blamed me again for copying something, so of course my mom got involved.
But after that, i knew it was time to accept it. I loved to write. I was good at it. I felt my hand throb everytime i had that urge to write.
So now i wish to pursue my career in writing. I figured why not get into journalism, although its just a stepping stone to what i want to do. And that is write books. God willing, i will be able to do what i want. I can’t wait. 😀

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