OK so today I am having a really hard time dealing with my baby weight. I want it to go away! Everyone tells me that the only way that it will go away is if I work out… question to them is…WITH WHAT FUCKEN TIME!!!! Everyone thinks they’re a fucken super genius and have an answer for everything, they like to think that they have the simplest solution to all my “bullshit” problems. As if they are the ones dealing with my day to day strife. So why is it that when I reach out for some help so that I can have some ME time, some SANE time, everyone runs for the hills or pulls something they have to do out of their gaping assholes?!?!

So to everyone that thinks that I have all the time in the world, or that I overreact over shit, or tells me that having no life is the price i have to pay for having kids, or those of you that think that I gotta strap my kids on me to go anywhere or do anything. All you motherfuckers that think that I have no reason to stress and be as miserable and fucken sour as I am:


4 thoughts on “PMS?

  1. just start your dosage lower than reccommended..and then increase until yoiu can handle ititsonly because theres caffeiene in really if you’re taking the pills…you wouldn’t want to continue drinking cups of coffee/alcohol along with it.

  2. really? i’ve been scared to try it b/c of the jittery feeling some of these products give u. they play with ur moods. some of them have made cry before lol.

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