Choices in life

Old or young.
Bachelor or married.
Mister or Misses.
Making a choice in your life is always altering. Isn’t that insane? Isn’t that scary?
Like honestly, think about it…Someone can decide to take a major highway which can lead you into a car accident or, a small route where u can get lost or stranded. Perhaps, the purpose we have choices to make in life is so God or the Devil have something to read in the funnies. Am I making any sense? I think I am.
Two people who take a role in choices, I believe, and add a little irony. It’s like a recipe. Have you ever thought what kind of day you would have if you did something differently? Like If you had avoided the homeless guy begging for money, you would have money to buy a can of pop. Or if it was the other way around, if you gave the guy money…that you would see him with liquor.
I don’t know why i’m having these thoughts…well kinda. No i lie. I do know why. I guess considering this is my last year of high school (WOOT WOOT!!!) i’m starting to feel the pressure. College, University, Career, Money, Lifestyle, Love…Life. *WELCOME TO THE TWILIGHT ZONE*
No no no. Welcome to Reality. It’s something that’s very overwhelming when u think about it. But no so much when u live it – well, depending on the results right?
Now what worries me sometimes is what happens if u don’t learn from other peoples choices? Can you end up going down the same old worn-out path? Follow the same mistakes, the same route. I am not going to lie, I don’t want that at all.
I just wish, that some paths in life came with a map. U know, “if you pick this path and make a right, then success is Yours! If u pick that one…well you can just imagine what’s down there hahaha.” But no, to simple haha, Obiviously. It’s more like, if you take that path its only gonna lead u to another fork in the road and another and another and another and…sigh* well u get the picture i guess.
And then of course come the obstacles.
Where is that GPS system when u need one?

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