With my Gun, This is Done.

Foolish people! A unity of idiots!

Take my Word!

You possess these thoughts of love and justice? HA!

Are you people that blind? I ramble and rant like this for a reason.

Your Stupid thoughts, chilidish ones i assure you, are overrun by your ever so

“trustworthy systems”.

They are the opposite of your false, fake, faithful foolish thinking.



Take a Look Around!

It does not exist! Observe the children with their rifles, holding it to their father’s head.

Gaze at the 10 year old girl, being sexually abused by a soldier- once a family friend.

Now tell me dimwits; Where is your “Love and Justice”?

Sloth-like movements from the likes of you people. You wish and do nothing about it. This is not an act of God or perhaps not even the Devil. Blame yourselves.

This is an act of Man.

So I raise my metallic wand, which bonds me with thiis destruction. I finish with taking part of it rather than fighting it. This discussion leads to nowhere.

With my Gun,
This is Done.

** Thankfully, I am blessed with a safe home and trusting people, so far. I wrote this on behalf of Free the Children, something my school has been partaking in for quite some time i think. I joined FTC at first, mostly as a goal. A goal which had nothing to do with the cause itself. I wanted to join something at least once before i left highschool. And while i was there i learned about statistics and i saw pictures. But not only that has made me twitch and feel shame, but movies that have to do with such issues. I hate it.

30 billion dollars is all it takes to save the world. WTF are u people wasting your money on? These Police academy waste millions. Thes major companies, BILLIONS. Where are all the people that are concerned for the well being of others. I know we have requirements and necessities in life that need attending to. Duh! I’m not an idiot. But powerful people of this world are doing shit all to help those that are starving, that are needing attention. Those 4,8,12 year olds which are suffering grief and war and pain.

I am only one of the many people that rant and are determined to do something when im more capable.

God willing, when i become a journalist/writer, i will travel to those places in Africa, Asia and help those in need.

What r you going to do? Sit there, feeling bad? Or are u going to speak up?

Are u going to eat your food, not really worrying whats happening outside of your house?

Or, are you gonna take action, get out there, send food to those who need it?

I feel like i’m already doing something trying to get the message out there, what are you going to do?


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