My Love Chapter

You know its been said time and time again,
where there is no love there is no gain.
But I now ask where is the gain in love if all it does is hurt you?
To all its games and treacheries you’re expected to subdue.
You have to worry of fidelity and sincerity and lust,
while your own heart remains in the quenching, tired dust.
Kicked around by passers-by, spit on , stepped on, mocked
if your love isn’t corresponded then you’re just really fucked.
You cry and think of things that could be,
find yourself in turmoil wanting to scream like a banshee.
So I ask you again what is there to gain in love?
You realise the greatness of it when push comes to shove,
amazed at how a moment of happiness can fade out the rest,
how your sanity and stability was put to the test.
Self-torture and destruction seems to be the lovers path,
how many years it takes away from us…you do the math.
The bittersweet taste seems too familiar to turn away,
once its there…seems its there to stay.
I find it so sad how one kiss or one touch can impurify the purest of pure,
for the pain of betrayal there is no found cure.
The pain you will carry until your final breath leaves,
it’s not until then my friend you will find your release.

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