why does He leave me alone at times of need?
doesn’t He realise that His words of comfort are what i heed?
claims to love me, claims to help me,
so why is it that He summits me to such cruelty?
I’m His child, I’m His image,
so why does He allow so much damage?
i get angry, i get scared,
my hair, my flesh i want to tear.
I’m to be kept in this cage for days to come
i swear to u that’s carved in stone.
unhappiness and anger are my destiny
enveloped by my only comfort; insanity
the voices of lost souls envelope me
they yell and scream such atrocities.
they tell me of things to come and things to be,
they foul everything dear to me.
they laugh and chant my name
they put my soul to shame.
so alone, so confused,
I’m just a bomb to be diffused.
i hear the tolling of the requiem bell
come sweet death and show me hell.
it is to be my paradise
He has set me up for this demise.

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