Let me vent!

Alright right now im in my bathroom, listening to Armstrong and Crosby on my iTunes, blocking out the excessive slurrish yelling coming from my living room. I hate my mom’s boyfriend. I dislike her friends, and my mom…perhaps i overuse this word when it comes to my writing but it’s always so damn perfect…bittersweet.
SOO many pros. SOOOOO many cons. She has changed a shitload, and of course I’ve been coping with it cuz i love her. But these random “hey let’s get together and drink” Fridays are really fucking annoying. Her loudness and her acting so foolish.
What a friggin letdown man! See I’ve considered my mom one of the strongest women I’ve ever known. Shes got some amazing stories u know? But when she has these Bimbo days…ugh its like “GROW UP LADY!” Luckily today i have plans so im going out with my best friend. Take my mind off stuff. It’s just really annoying…like there is no other word for it. Humph….
And and and….the things that come out of her mouth! like honestly, relaxxx….. It’s just too much. I’m now listening to Scream with timbaland keri and Nicole…good song…and its still blocking out the ruckus downstairs. Thank god.
All i gotta do is get my hair did, haha and I am set. I’m out, bcuz of course it was a mission to wash my hair, what with the freezing water and whatnot. (My mother ignored the bill reminder to pay up for the hot water and Voila…we now own the coldest water in the GTA)….i felt my brain freeze from how cold it was but i was able to soldier that.
She just needs a thousand and one reality checks, i love her. i wish i could give em to her. But she will like verbally murder me by calling me names or something. Or she might even hit me, but that’s rare cuz she knows how easy it is for me to get upset over words. The blood is coming back to my hands, they were freezing before but now they are good.
I guess tomorrow calls for a proper shower at my sister’s house. Or do it up like the pilgrims, BOIL SOME WATER! Make a fire, rip some sheets. hahahaha…
now as Snoop raps about the next episode it is time to fix my hair.
Thank u mare for my laptop, and for introducing me into blogging…i feel a bit more relieved. 🙂

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