First Kiss <3

A snowy bank, a sight of natural beauty, for perfect timing.
A few giggles, a touch of skin that tingles like bubbles; always popping.

A stare exchanged, a sound of content sighs of tranquility.

A smile, an urge to grab one another.As if magnets were being pulled together.

A pair of glassy orbs, a sight of relief and youth. Like new stars in each eye.

A silence, a call for something to arrive, beckoning it on.

A flutter, a sound of a rhythmic drum, beating stronger and faster.

A head tilt, a sign of acceptance the coming of a fiery collision, a soft push of the lips.

A clash, a feeling to part them a version of a lover’s golden gates.


This is just a poem about a special kiss in my life. I guess for the past 2-3 years i’ve considered it that one perfect kiss. Corny I know haha. But its something that has always been able to put a smile on my face. No matter when it is that i remember it, it always looks the way it did when it happened- perfect and true. 🙂

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