Ride My Wave

Today in class, we read pieces by spanish poet Pablo Neruda and canadian lusty writer, Irving Layton. So we were put to the test to write something Lusty, perverse, passionate or just plain old dirty! We were given a picture of someone surfing on a giant wave, and somehow use that as an “inspiration” …so I gave it a shot! According to my teacher, she said it was “HOT.” lol

Ride me,


feel the adrenaline.

Brush me with your fingertips,

admire the beauty in my curves.

Feel me,

the dripping of our sweat.

Thrust, Push

surf on a wave of exctasy.

Hear me,

like a wave crashing,

I moan your name.

My thighs quiver.

I yell,

I reach the TOP.

You reach the climax

of my wave.

Just, ride my wave.

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