Here Comes The Storm

When we join, we are comparable to the sun; majestic and beautiful. Bright and cheery. The others bask in our warmth.

But some, grow angry and irate about our affection towards
one another.

So of course, Here Comes The Storm. To hide and destroy our prepetual shine.

You fade away behind the greyish facade of this tiresome mob. You fall into
the cloudy exterior, ignoring my pleas.

I am your light your love and yet, you no longer join me
to make your sun.

The clouds jeer, with thunderous voices.
The heavens cry for our lost cause.

Is this what was to become of us, my majestic sun?

Are we never going to be together, joined by our rays of light?

Must we always be torn apart by the, always-jealous-neverending storm?

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