Careful, Love

Careful, Love.
These tender hours, call for a tender thing.A softness, resembling the lightness of whimsical chime in the distance.

Hush, Sweetness.
These breaking pulses from your skin to mine,its a fiery thing.A current, resembling electricty sent from an unexplainable source.

Relax, My Dear.
These plush curvy things on your face, are mysterious things.A burst, of licking flames and chilling breathe sent my mind on a voyage.

Breathe, My angel.
Your body, is a precious cargo.A sight, that sets heaven and hell into conference- for they don’t even know where this sinful perfection came from.

Scream, My Heart.
Your rush of exctasy through my roots of masculinity sets my soul into a euphoric frenzy.

Careful, Love.
For the dawn breaks through, my fallen angel.To shine, and illuminate my neverending sight that is set on you and your godliness.


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