Shut Your Eyes

The world is loud, tense, nerve-racking.

How you make it through the day; even you don’t know.

Pedestrians cross the streets, never lingering.

The only thing moving at a slow pace is your eyes.

Exhaustion has become a source of offense to this exaggerated existence.

Why must you be so alive, in a world so dead?

Why must you accept tragic ordeals, or chaotic natural occurences, if you cannot accept God?

Your Mouth shuts; no longer tasting, no longer speaking.

Your ears are deaf to the sound of everyday droning of a fucked up world.

Your sense of touch dissolves at the feel of the cold cast iron casket.

Your mind goes numb to the senseless debates; money, war, politics, fuckery.

Finally, as your accepting your fate and your body is ready – a voice speaks from within.

A voice that comprehends what it is you need to do.

Pull away from life all at once.

Just do it;

Shut Your Eyes.


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