His Smile

He said my smile is sweet and confident. He says i’m a sweet friend.
But if only he know what I thought of his.

His lovely imperfections, still pearly white.

A genuine grin, wishing to tell tales on end.

His tasteful gifts; his full lips adding lovely color to his beautiful pale face.

His amazing smile causing the cutest, youthful wrinkles along his bright cheery orbs.

It warms my cheeks, it melts my heart.

His smile is new, although his ways are old.

His voice is young, but he speaks of elderly things.

His lips so precious; I wish the took the shape of my lips and pressed softly against them.

I wish his eyes turned bright because of me.

I wish I was the reason his beautiful smile appeared.

If only he truly know what I thought of him and his smile.

Although he claims me to be “confident” trust me dear friends;

I am not <3.


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