Tear Ducts

pointless things.
i don’t see why i have them.
they bait me out every time.
They leak.
They blur my damn vision.
They make my eyes look glossy
almost glass.

So Fucking Stupid!
as if anyone needs to see them
roll down my face.
like waves of embarrassment.

Embarrassment! That’s It!
These stupid things embarrass the Shit
out of me.
cause they always leak
that’s why.
Within each bead that taunts my skin
it completely blurts out my Emotions!

what the fuck;
no one needs to know
what the hell it is i’m feeling.
they should be oblivious to
my anger
my pain
my shame
my disappointments
my sadness
my nostalgia.

But no
too easy.

damn emotions.

damn tear ducts.


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