Tus Ojos

” Tus Ojos, Tus Ojos”

Your eyes, contain the innocence of cherubs.
They Obtain the destruction of man.

As if you are the reason for the fallen walls of Troy.
You and your eyes, create love and destroy minds. How chaotic.

“Tus Ojos, Tus Ojos”

Stare and pierce into my mind.
Creating accidents and collisions with my thoughts and what makes sense.

Your lips are hidden by the most beautiful rose, as if trying to compare
the sweetness in smell and feel. How dangerous.

“Tus Ojos, Tus Ojos”

It is all I think when you stare at me, with curiosity and delight.
My emotions clearly on my face, telling you my desires.

Your skin pours out the sweet sins of a man’s yearning for passion.
You angelic temptress, you divine sin. How tempting.

“Tus Ojos, Tus Ojos”

As if within your clear blue eyes, hides the mysteries of the oceans.
You visually quench the thirst of my eye sight.

Although your body screams lust, your endearing eyes-
captivate the innocence within your soul. How alluring.

“Tus Ojos, Tus Ojos”

As if your cool soft gaze, sends chills down my spine.
You raise goosebumps up my skin, making my hair stand on end.

You finally whisper, as if tempting to send my senses awry.
As clear as crystal, as soft as the creamy petals of a rose you simply say;

“Look into my eyes – what do you see?”


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