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Considering that just about everything i write about is all sadness and gloom and how horrible this world is i figured I would take the time to show you just how beautiful it can be as well. Within all the violence, all the injustice and inequity that happens each and everyday we fail to see past the end of our noses at the most beautiful thing that surrounds us all. NATURE.

Nature has a way of captivating just about anyone. The colours, the light, the sounds…the sense of peace one sunset can bring. The way a bird’s song can make you forget, even if it is for just a second, whatever you’re going through at that point and time. The world around us is one big canvas and there is no better artist then the hand that made it all. Wether you’re a painter, a musician or a poet. A muse that all artists have in common is Mother Nature herself. Close your eyes and you can hear her, visualise her, feel her.

Her moods are just as tangled as yours. One minute she is experiencing pure bliss, the next she can be as glum and sad as you and that can suddenly turn into a vicious lash of wind and fury.

A certain serenity came over me, seemed suitable for the mood I was in walking around High Park seeing the rays of the setting sun seep through coulours of white, green, yellow and leaving its trail of gold on the face of the serene lake like a bride with her veil trailing behind her.

This was playing in my head.


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