Passionate Blurs

Such swiftness in our movements.

Almost graceful, but with an edge.

A desire that takes over our nerves.

Your hands take the reigns and drive my senses over the edge.

Your cool tongue sends fiery chills up my back,

as it traces the buds on my chest.

Such swiftness with our bodies.

Almost delicate but with an urge.

A need to have eachother that moment.

An exchange of lusty glances and electric kisses.

Your grasp makes my skin tingle, my hair stand on end.

As I feel you filling in every edge of my body.

Such swiftness with our passion.

Almost musical but with a rather hot rhythm.

A sound that sends each of us to a place of euphoria.

An unexplainable outburst due to the exstasy held within

each thrust and push. A ride that sets my heart into a fine frenzy.

Such swiftness in our passionate blurs.

Almost whole, but with a mysterious force.

A shrine of lucid wishes and attainable goals.

Where palms and skin and every bit of your body,

whispers to me that we are whole. we are one movement.

We are love.

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