There is much to be said about a simple embrace, so much that it just loses its simplicity! As i went outside for a little stretch at work I saw a lady hugging what looked like her grandson or son (some women just wait too damn long to start poppin them kids out, u hear me?). They were too far for me to tell but it looked like she was crying, she wasn’t crying before they hugged, she started crying once they embraced. So as I stood there watching this (yea yea, I need to mind my bizzness) I started thinking of all the times that has happened to me. You know those times where you’re hard fighting to keep those tears back but as soon as someone comes in for the hug and you feel those arms around u and that chest to chest, or head to chest i guess depending how short you are (second one applies better to me) you just let go? Cant hold back. Its such a sense of release.

To think that there are people in this world that cant experience this simple, yet complex exchange of human contact. There are children out there that will never experience the embrace of a mother, father or sibling. People that only experience a touch through violence and pain.

Just food for thought.

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