Whoever said that love is blind was holding all that’s true;
I’ve never felt emotions that were more hurt or confused.
For him to take my loving heart and put it to the test;
He knew that I would choose what’s right, but he felt it was best.
I stood there looking helplessly for some truth in his eyes,
I never thought that I would find regret from telling little lies.
To see the sorrow in those eyes just makes me want to die;
I said I forgave him, for I didn’t have to try.
I could not get angry, could not scream or hit or hate;
I only felt so hollow, very numb and desolate.
I gave him my heart and soul, it was no sacrifice;
His kind words melted a lost heart that once was made of ice.
That’s not to say there was no warmth beneath this cool facade,
However, holding back and keeping trust has led to my mirage.
I trusted him with who I was, my guard, at rest it laid;
I let him in to see the side that’s never been displayed.
His tricking me to think my faith was safe within his claim,
Has only led to question if my judgment was to blame.
That is why I sit here now, my life I contemplate;
I’ve looked at love through eyes of blind, how could this be my fate?

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