Flock Of Dreams

It was within a flock of dreams,
that you were brought to me it seems.

A sweet child like face,
found deep within my heart’s place.

You visited me every night
while i rested my head.
bringing thoughts of desire and delight
and all within my bed.

Of course i mean in my fluttering thoughts,
where your affection is something to be taught.

How you found your way into my mind,
how you managed to turn every dream of mine, benign?

I shut my eyes, see you, and i feel jubliant.
You kiss me, smile and you are simply radiant.

But as everything crashes with a thunderclap,
I see you fade as my nightmare’s wings flap.

I awake one night and can no longer sleep.
Knowing in my heart, the love was only skin-deep.

It was not anything i ever truly had.
And from there, every dream of you was sad.

For nothing is as it seems,
even within my flock of dreams.

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