Fresh Start

ok. so i’ve revamped my site in order to reflect where i’m at right now in my life. my link is still the same for it truly represents my mentality. there is in fact colour in a fenced in world. there is always hope within a linked fence, behind barb wires, behind brick walls…there are always those people that manage to make a difference in this world and break those barriers.

i will also be focusing alot more not just on the causes i believe in but also my own personal dreams and interests. living the life i do its not always easy to actually rev in these dreams. wether it be the car of my dreams, my dream home, dream career goals or even my dream pair of shoes that i would like to get. so this way i can take the time to rev in these dreams a little and vicariously live through this blog.

will the blog stay like this? i dont know. couldnt tell you. as i change i’m sure the style and content will change as well. so lets trip, get back up and just put a little dirt in those scrapes together.


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