You are a peculiar beauty,
enveloped in grace.

But the most facsinating cargo,
rests blissfully on your face.

The swift curves of your mouth
are appealing to the eyes.

An amazing discovery for the senses.
Shockingly stimulating to all five.

My eyes admire your lips,
like a piece of refined art.

My fingers wish to trace them not knowing when to finish,
not knowing where to start.

I hear the sweetest sounds escape from between these plush blessings.
The words the flow out from between them, constantly keep me guessing.

As if your fine mouth sends me invitations to visit with kisses,
All i can do is want to fulfill their wishes.

You are a unique beauty,
but the reason to smile has been appropriately placed.

Not hidden behind pieces of fabric or cloth,
but perfectly positioned on your lovely face.

divine gift to my lips.

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