And we laid there.
Still as ever, finally breathing steadily.
Sighing, and grinning.
Although it was dim, I knew what I was looking at.
As if chiseled by marble, perfection stared into my eyes.
Pieces of smooth skin placed perfectly on his body.
The faintest light hitting the ripples on his arms.

I buried my head into his chest, hearing his heart hum a tune.
I let my hand wander over his torso, as if making a new discovery.
I placed my lips softly on his collar bone, hoping he takes it as a blessing.

The light only shone on him, giving my sight the gift of witnessing his presence.
His rugged hands placed on my hips below the thin sheet, lightly brushing with his thumb.

His crevices defining his godliness and masculinity.
His smile almost distracting me from his flawless exterior.

He called me his fallen angel.
He was my halo, he was my light. He was my temple.


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