The truth has crept into my skin,
causing me to cringe.
I sit here with my gaze,
reminiscing brighter days.

But as I realize the truth, my memories shatter.
For I now know that they do not matter.

You managed to make a fool out of me.
Took away the blindfold to let me see.
The woven web of deceit that you’ve made,
has been placed where you and I have laid.

I felt the world fly by me leaving me in the dark.
Each horrible truth leaves its perpetual marks.
Deeply installed into my twisted mind.
You had made me believe that you were kind.

But within each syllable and simile used,
I now know my heart has been abused.
This repulsive creature who once said it all to see,
now sits there, patronizing and mocking me.

He has taken the ability away for me to comprehend,
that this fairytale was truly a horror story in the end.

How can lessons of life teach something like this?
I can only sit here alone, shocked and speechless.


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