12 Days of Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and my wish list is growing. I miss shopping, I mean stupid shopping though. The kind of shopping where you just go from store to store and just spend, spend, spend. Nowadays I can’t buy anything for myself without feeling a pang of guilt and end up putting everything back and walking out empty handed, whether it be at a store or online. Do you ever do that? Do you ever window shop online? You fill up your shopping cart with all the things you like, let that bill rack up and then when its time to checkout…WHOMP WHOMP. You press that big red ‘x’ at the top right hand corner. I’ve always found shopping to be therapeutic, helps me get my mind off of anything thats bothering me and it makes me feel good. It’s my happy pill. So I will be putting up some of my “If I Had Money” christmas wish list items so I can have somewhere to just come back and stare at them *pause* *hangs head and walks away*

Day #12:

OK so I have some serious thunder thighs and am short but I can definetly picture these stretch-leather leggings by Kiki de Montparnasse with some sky-high hidden platform heels to add length to the legs and definition to the lower body. They go for a cool $850 at http://www.shopbop.com/ and its funny but I’ve never liked to buy leather clothing but this season I’m just lusting over so many leather items, most def a must have this season.

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