12 Days of Christmas

Day #10:

If somebody could pay for Molly Maid to come into my apartment and clean it all for me I will love them until I take my last breath of life!! My biggest challenge with maintaining a decent apartment, especially while working a 9 to 5, is to be able to clean my WHOLE apartment in one shot. I have to clean a couple of areas one weekend and the rest on the next weekend so that by the time the week is done what I had previously cleaned is already all messed up!! Having two small kids that toss stuff around just for the sake of tossing stuff around does not help the cause. I cant wait to be able to live somewhere where I have my own washer and dryer so I can do laundry at anytime I want and I dont have to worry about having to save my loonies and quarters. Yes, this would definetly be a greatly appreciated gift. I know this isn’t the kind of thing you would find on a normal wishlist but when you lead the kind of life I do I would sacrifice a new pair of shoes for this! Blasphemous…I know!

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