True Confessions

I wanted to write this post yesterday but for lack of time and also a little reluctance in shedding some more light into who I am, I didn’t. I love to read blogs and I have found some very inspiring, amusing and all around great writers to follow through the blogosphere. One of which is Darling Nicky, a relationship blogger and pretty much everything else having to do with the human condition and behaviour. She wrote a post called I’m Rubber, You’re Glue which pushed me into writing this. She states:

“One of life’s most bizarre phenomenons is that often times, we spend more time worrying about what strangers think of us, rather than of what our own loved ones do.”

Alot of us are guilty of this and as to where I am not like that about most things there is one thing that  always keeps me back and I’m ashamed of…yes, ashamed…and thats the fact that I never even graduated high school. I have not attended any colleges or universities. I don’t have any papers to frame and hang up anywhere. Dont get me wrong I can be proud of how far I’ve gotten without having those credentials to back me up! I have been working since I was 16 and had my time where I really enjoyed school, but once I hit high school I was just so turned off and everyday felt so stale and monotonous. I was bored. I am still like this, I get bored at work ALL the time. I dont feel challenged and I feel like a child could do my work if taught properly. This takes a giant blow to my self-esteem, to my ego and to my any sense of accomplishment I may have.

Another inspiring lady I follow @firstladyd on Twitter brought my attention to a TED video by Gavin Sheppard that was posted on yet another favourite blog 1 LOVE T.O. about creative education. I have been following Gavin’s work since the MySpace days and it’s so inspiring and just makes me so proud to see how far he has gotten with his vision. That vision is called The Remix Project. In the following video Gavin explains how the concept and the idea of Remix came about:

If you would like to know more about Gavin you can read his bio by clicking on his name. Hearing him speak was the last shove I needed to write this post. Gavin, like myself, doesn’t have the education he would have liked to attain. Gavin. like myself, has life experiences to fall back on. Gavin, like myself, has a passion for helping others and it creates excitement in what he does to see the results of his efforts. Gavin, unlike myself, has pursued and conquered in doing this. It’s horrible feeling stuck and not being able to find a way out. Alot of times it feels like I’m surrounded by people that just “settle” or perhaps like to call themselves “realists”. It’s great to hear my family say “You can do it!” when I tell them my ambitions and my plans but when it comes down to it everybody has their own plans and their own strifes to deal with, therefore I have to inturn be a realist and realise that I have to help MYSELF in achieving all I want to and not rely on anyone else to really be there for me. If they are GREAT! That’s an added bonus but if they are not then…well…then they are not. That’s it.


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