12 Days of Christmas Past

Day #6:

Ok so I had to change the name up a bit considering that Christmas came and went already, but the list must go on. This is a preview of my next post. The next item on my list would be cosmetic surgery. Yup, going under the knife for the sake of beauty. Yea yea say what you want, its superficial blah blah blah. If you had the money to do it you would or have already for some of you. I wouldnt touch my face though. I hate seeing girls with fake lips or uneven eyes. I would go all out with the body though.

Things don’t look quite the same after having 2 kids and I’ve never been too happy with the way my body looks, even prior to the kids, mind you now I WISH I still looked like that! The worst thing for me is my tummy so first on the list would be a tummy tuck. Lets face it, sometimes exercise just isnt enough.

I would be more then content with my stomach looking like the picture above. Ab definition can be worked on.
Next would be the liposuction to get those pesky little back rolls (dont judge, the second kid did a number on me) and get rid of that damn thigh rub that makes me think over whether I want to wear a dress, skirt or shorts. I wonder what its like for these bow legged bitches to not know what the hell it feels like for their thighs to rub together.
On to the next one! Now why waste all that fat that will be sucked out?? We are living in eco-friendly times right so in order for there to be less human waste lets use it! How a bout a Brazilian Butt Lift? A Brazilian Butt Lift has a natural feel because you’re using your own natural body fat, much better then implants. With Fat Grafting you get two body contouring procedures in one.
Now as much as I am willing to do this stuff to myself I’m not too sure about implants, breast implants. All of the procedures I’ve mentioned have involved me reducing and reusing my own fat and tissues, none require me to insert and vessel any foreign objects in my body. So I would be ok with smaller breasts as long as they look nice and a little perkier, so a little breast lift would suffice.
Alot of people might think me crazy, alot of people might consider me vain, even insecure. Perhaps they are all right to some effect. The only thing I am certain of is that I am tired of looking away from the reflection in my mirror. I’m tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and at times feeling like I just want to rip it off. I was always the chubby one between my cousins, always felt like the chubby one between friends even though I wasn’t. I have never felt happy with myself and after bearing two kids it has been not just a physically draining experience but also an emotional and mental battle within myself to learn how to wear the stretch marks proudly, which I’ve learned to do but when I know there’s extra baggage I’m carrying around that makes my clothes not fit me right or makes people (men and women alike) look past me at the pretty, svelte girl behind me then it takes a huge toll on my self esteem. I guess I’ve just always wondered what it would be like to be the girl that turns heads.

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