BF vs. Online Friends

Ok this is a reocurring problem in my relationship, it doesn’t help that I’m alot more into online networking then he is. I think I may have used His name once (or twice?) in my blog so far because I know he doesn’t really like to be put out there…BUT! he also doesnt like to be kept in the attic! So He, Him, Us…blah blah blah…are all refering to me and…well…HIM! Why are men threatened by online friends?? Same reason women are!!! Insecurities. Yup, thats it. there is that fear that you will find yourself in some whirlwind cyber romance, that you will find someone more interesting perhaps. Some guys just dont like their shit exposed for others to read, they feel uncomfortable with people knowing stuff about them that they aren’t even aware of. I believe that once you reach a certain point of maturity in your relationship you’re cool with it and you feel secure enough that even though the skinny bitch/washboard stomach guy is on your significant other’s networks that you have NOTHING to be worried about! I dont consider myself a ‘Blogger’ by any means, I write here to vent or to just have a 10 minute escape from whatever bullshit I’m doing, but I really liked this video of a few husbands that have mommy bloggers as wives. Mom bloggers just put EVERYTHING out there! They blog about family life and its not always pretty! Here is the video and I will try and get written and notarised permission to post up a picture of Him *side eye*.

Ok I had to come back and edit this part here to remove the video  because I couldnt get the auto play to stop. So instead of posting the video I will provide you with the link. If you are a blogger and you and your husband/partner/bf/ him whatever you want to call him, have had problems because of it take a peek.


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