Naughty Makes Nice

I’m going to a sex toy party at the end of the month at a girlfriend’s house and have already been questioned if I’m going to get something and why do I need anything if I have the real thing…I am not replacing anyone with a battery operated toy! Why do men feel threatened by vibrators and dildos? Nothing to fear guys, if you’re doing your thang and you’re open about your desires, needs and wants you’re good. You my friend have a healthy sex life. So what if she has a vibrator to keep her company when you’re not around to scratch that itch? Don’t you guys realise that the more sexual we are, the more YOU benefit from it??? Maybe somedays we don’t want the foreplay and the kissing and groping that comes before the main course. Is it bad if we just want to go into straight unadulterated f***ing? Seems to me that guys feel threatened that the Bunny might make them look bad. Don’t worry fellas, chances are when shes using her pocket rocket shes actually thinking of you and will be revved to f**k your brains out rock your world. So should naughty goods be more helpful then harmful to a relationship? I would think so. That naughty, sensuality that a woman might feel may open her up to explore herself other sexual sides that she didn’t even know existed. An excellent example was written by yet another favourite blogger max-logic where she talks about anal sex being the new thing the cool girls are doing. *jots down anal beads on shopping list and lots and lots of KY* Maybe I should do my research before going to this party.

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