On Tuesday, January 12, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, just 15km from the capital. Reaching a magnitude of 7.0, this is the worst earthquake Haiti has experienced in 200 years. While the death toll is still unclear, hundreds of thousands are feared to be dead. Another three million are affected as schools, homes and hospitals have collapsed. 

Haiti is one of the world’s poorest countries, meaning that vital services like electricity and water are now almost completely inaccessible in the wake of the destruction. At this moment, the people of Haiti need our support more than ever.
With the help of social networks such as Twitter the echoes of all those affected by this disaster, whether it be because they had family there or simply felt a sense of obligation to help and answer the cries of despair of our Haitian brothers and sisters, so it started. The wheels went into motion to put together a fundraising event that will gather some of Toronto’s best DJs.
L’Union Fait La Force – WE SEE YOU HAITI


Fundraiser to benefit those affected by the Earthquakes in Haiti Thursday January 28th at Wet Bar – 106 Peter Street

Featuring DJ’s – Dr. Jay, Agile, P-Plus, Grouch, Lil Jaz, Dopey, DJ Riccachet & DJ Therap, Paul E. Lopes, Son of Soul and Dj Bunitall

Hosted By: Arcee and dscratch

Donation of $10 or more.
All proceeds going to the Red Cross International Fund earmarked for Haiti.

There will also be a silent auction, all proceeds are also going to the Red Cross International Fund earmarked for Haiti. 

A special thank you to the sponsors who have donated items for the silent auction: Adidas, Fila, Athlete’s World, Livestock, HMV, Virgin Mobile, Playstation, Marc Ecko Watches, Delta Hotels, Offshoot Communications, Chiggy’s Hair Salon, RS by Sheckler, Crooks and Castle, La Coste, Alice Fazoolis, New Era, La Coupe Hair products, Substance Group, The Grant Brothers MMA & Boxing Gym, Vernissage Jewellery, The Tourism Board of Saint Lucia and Universal Music Canada.


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