In Need of Glamour

So it happens every now and then that I need a serious shopping therapy trip. I rarely get those, first of all because I’m usually broke as a joke and second because I need to do it alone. I HATE shopping with people! The only person that has the tolerance to keep up with me is my mother but I think she gets kind of fed up with me as well. Ever since I gained all this weight with my last pregnancy shopping is alot more difficult and frustrating for me. I wish i was born in the era of cinched waists and glamour galore. I love the drama, the ruffles, the rouge lips, soft waved hair and all around femininity of those days. I’m a big fan of black and white movies and musicals. Vintage fashion always has a way of showing its influence in everyday fashion trends and the feeling accompanying it is just so fabulous to me. I was definetly born in the wrong era, I’ve always thought that. Its funny that I should love all this stuff so much considering thats its the complete opposite of who I am.


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