All About Changes

Hello! Sooo I’ve decided to move out of Blogger and move in to the upscale neighbourhood of WordPress. It’s good to try out new things, only way to learn. So I will walk around this part of the neighbourhood for a while and see how it goes. When I first started to blog and decided to drop the pen and paper I had my posts open for commenting but after a bit I decided to give my blog a fresh new look and opted out of having anyone comment, mostly because I didn’t think anybody read it so I wouldn’t need the comment option and also because it was like my personal public diary and you never know who might find you out there. I actually don’t share my blog with those closest to me. I started blogging in order to be more visual and have more choices in regards to how I wanted to express myself…I don’t want censorship and I don’t want to worry about hurting anyones feelings. This is my head…I’ll say and do as I wish.

Anyways, I’m leaning more to this “I just don’t give a fuck” attitude and yea…if you don’t like it well…I just don’t give a fuck. At least now I can get some feedback from you guys though! I’m actually excited about it 🙂

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