So for a school assignment I had to write a monologue revolving around the theme “Life is Beautiful”. We had to take some type of inspiration from our life and incorporate that into the monologue. So in other words experiences around you, and from another persons perspective. I chose one of the most impactful experiences that happened to me and all my friends that I grew up with. That was the death of our beloved friend, Boris Cikovic. I managed to write a short monologue from the perspective of all of us and combined it into one person. I changed boris’s name to brian. But the monologue is as real as it gets. I hope whoever reads it understands that this really came from the heart. From mine, his parents, and the very heart of each of my friends. If I could have made it longer I would have because this is forever etched into my memory for as long as I live and breathe.

October 3rd of 2008, I lost you Brian. I didn’t know what to do man. I think a piece of all of us died with you that night. We were in our hood dude. We all grew up there, everyone knew us. You were so loved by the people that worked in the bakery and the ladies from the senior home. Maybe we shouldn’t have been drinking in the park, but it’s not like we’d never done it before. I swear bro, if I had seen those fuckers coming over that hill I woulda told you to book it. Fuck Brian, when I saw them pulling out that gun and saw you standing there, I froze.

I will never forget the way your eyes glazed over and the way you squeezed my hand. The blood soaking my shirt, the hole in your sweater, the ragged breathing. You died in my arms man. Even though its been a year and a half, when I actually think about you all I remember is your face.

We miss you bro. We posted up the videos from the memorial service on YouTube and I don’t know how many other people watch em. I gotta tell you though, those videos make me happy.
Even though we are all crying when we are giving our speeches, we knew each and every bit of you. You were so smart man! 80s and 90s in all your classes like some kinda genius. And yo, everyone from the hood was there. The girls went up and spoke about you, about how you always made them smile. Whether they were crying and you were there to cheer em up, or if it was just all of us just chilling.

But I think the one person who had the nicest thing to say about you was Mr.Miller, your gym teacher. He talked about how you woke up every morning and met him at the gym. You guys would work out and just joke around and talk. You filled him with joy every morning. You did a wonderful job man, a wonderful job of being a friend and just …fuck…you were awesome. You did it all; you were an incredible son and you lived with no regrets. Honestly, you were such a blessing dude. You made all of us realize what we have to do; be here for each other and live life to the fullest. I can never know when it will be my last day. Love you to death bro, thanks for the lesson. See you later.


One thought on “The Boris Monologue

  1. R.I.P. Boris. I stiil find it amazing how one kid has managed to touch the lives of so many. Nice Sophie. I like it! *borat voice* 😉

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