When Did Not Getting Married Become OK?

Seriously! Awhile ago as I was looking through some of the tumblr blogs I follow (you can find me here) I came across  a post from dad-isms that really struck a chord with me. Here is the post:

Dear Coke Talk: On how to beat an xbox.


How does a girl compete with the XBox 360?

My boyfriend ignores me all the time. We get home from work and he immediately heads for the couch and stays on it long after I go to bed.

We had a daughter about 2 years ago, so in the beginning my libido was none existent, but that’s changed….

“Why am I the only person that read this (out of over 600 people) and thought “He is your ‘boyfriend’ not your husband.  He could be 15 or 30 years old, and the fact that he is playing Xbox instead of paying attention to you, living with you, and not married to you…especially after making a baby…well…dear…I don’t know what you expected? He is doing just as you gave him permission to do the first 4 weeks you met.  I don’t understand why people trade their integrity for companionship and get neither?”

The reason this post got my attention because it got me analysing my life…is that what its come down to for me? Have I traded in my integrity for companionship? It’s fucken sad to think that! If you don’t have your integrity what the hell else do you have? My generation is plagued with single mothers, yes even the ones that are living with the father of their kids or boyfriend….no vows? You’re fucken single! Have we made it easy for these men not to commit?

“Common law” is the new “Mr. & Mrs.” Shacking up Common law marriage is believed by many to kick in after a couple has lived together for a significant amount of time. Common law marriage relationships are bullshit a myth and no such thing exists. Couples that rely on this will be left out in the cold if the relationship ends or their partner dies as they have no legal recognition. All those years you have invested in making a home, building a family and so on and so forth….who gives a shit really. Should you decide to go your separate ways you end up leaving the relationship like just another trick ex…plus the kids.

Oh and for the women out there that have the same problem as my girl above, take note and watch:

2 thoughts on “When Did Not Getting Married Become OK?

  1. LOL!!! Love the video. I know many couples that have fallen in the the “common law” relationship & live happily ever after. In some situations it works out better than making it official. Look at Gene Simmons. =/

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