Feel so stuck, overwhelmed and just fucken miserable! What would the world be like without the monetary system, without banks and financial houses? How have I been stuck in this rut for so fucken long and going nowhere! I can’t even perk up when I get my paycheque because as soon as its deposited its dispersed amongst the vultures pecking at my pockets. It’s not even like I’m left with a little bit to play with! I get payed, pay it out and get back into the red as I’m paying it out. I need to make more money…desperately! What do I do? Get a second job during the weekend? Will it really be worth the time I spend away from the kids and the headaches the child care is going to bring?? FML. I need to start studying again, I need a better job with better pay. I can’t continue living paycheque to paycheque, it’s fucken depressing.

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