Back to Basics

When I first started randomly posting stuff up on this blog I would do it just to have something outside of my day-to-day routine with my kids. I would vent about things I was going through a little and I would also write about some of the things that I am truly passionate about…Human Rights. If you look back at some of my earlier posts I’ve written about Child Labour, Child Sex Tourism, Child Soldiers…you get the idea. I have also mentioned amazing NGOs (Non-governmental Organizations) such as Free The Children and Invisible Children.

I’d like to keep advocating for all these AMAZING organizations that are out there doing such inspiring work to help those that are in such desperate need of it. I can never promise consistency when it comes to my posts (which is why I can never qualify as a “blogger”) since my life always seems to gain a life of its own and I can go awhile without posting anything but I will try my best to feature at least one organization per month and let you guys know the kind of work they do and how you can all get involved, whether through monetary gifts or volunteer time.

So look look out for those and if any of you are interested in finding a way to volunteer or would like to get involved with a certain organization please feel free to ask any questions!

Eugene V. Debs:

Now my friends, I am opposed to the system of society in which we live today, not because I lack the natural equipment to do for myself but because I am not satisfied to make myself comfortable knowing that there are thousands of my fellow men who suffer for the barest necessities of life. We were taught under the old ethic that man’s business on this earth was to look out for himself. That was the ethic of the jungle; the ethic of the wild beast. Take care of yourself, no matter what may become of your fellow man. Thousands of years ago the question was asked; ”Am I my brother’s keeper?” That question has never yet been answered in a way that is satisfactory to civilized society.

Yes, I am my brother’s keeper. I am under a moral obligation to him that is inspired, not by any maudlin sentimentality but by the higher duty I owe myself. What would you think me if I were capable of seating myself at a table and gorging myself with food and saw about me the children of my fellow beings starving to death.

1908 Speech


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