OK so I’ve decided to home school myself…..yes you read right. For years I have wanted to go back to school and take several different courses, courses that would launch my career to super Mother Teresa status! HAHAHA. So I have compiled a list of 10 books (for now) to read that will teach me what I need to know about International Relations/Development.

I have decided to write about my progress as I go through these books or any other reading material, workshops, experiences, etc. Anything that will help me on my quest to learn everything that I would be paying big bucks for a learning institution to teach me. You can find the list of books on my Must Read Books list. I will add-on to this list as I find new literature that will help me through this process.

I’m excited about this! Anything that involves me learning and challenging myself  is always great. I’m notorious for starting projects and then leaving them for months at a time before I decide its time to pick it up again but I figured if I make it a point to log my progress it will keep me motivated.

So if any of you have any good reads on International Relations/Development, International Conflicts, International Governance and of course Biographies, fiction and non-fiction stories. ANYTHING to keep me learning please leave me suggestions in the comment section!



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