I know some of you may be like “WTF is this girl doing changing her site so much?!?!” LOL. So let me explain something to you, first of all, I’m a Libra! Super indecisive! I also haven’t quite found a layout I’m really happy with. I’m digging the new look though, I must admit. There will be some more changes. I was even considering changing the name of the blog to something that reflects where I am now. When I currently named this blog it was based on a description of how I felt at the time. I felt like I was fenced in a black and white world but was always on the search for that splash of colour, those events, stories, people, etc. that keep you going.

I have explained before that I am a firm believer that good is out there. Working in the nonprofit sector I am able to see A LOT of good that’s out there, despite the heartbreaking stories, photographs and testimonials I see and listen to. I see the generosity and stewardship from so many communities. Those people are the splash of colour. The smiles I see of the kids we are helping in the work we do as agencies providing services across the nation as well as across seas, well, they just fill my heart and soul with a sense of being.

So you see I need something that will show that this fence has come down and has allowed me to walk out into a VERY colourful world…somewhere over a rainbow perhaps =)


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