Would you want to rendezvous?
The answer to your lusty prayers can come true.

nourishing is the woman with the hiked up skirt,
and hungry is the man who wishes to hurt.

For pain is pleasure; so they say.
One to many moans made him stay.

For the hunger was deep,
and the satisfaction was hard.

Food is not on the table,but they are.

A passionate kiss,
a firm grab to the waist.

Made everything rushed,
put the screwing was well paced.

It was not a normal session of loving,
which they had done in the past.

This was present and futurely this defined “Chaste”.

It was a hidden desire
willingly exposed on the kitchen counter.

This was a vulgar little secret;
the ceramic floor tiles would have to keep it.

So this is our little rendezvous;
be at my place around 2.


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