I have had my blog for over 2 years now. I have used it as a way to distract myself from my day-to-day chores, as a way to vent about events in my life or when I wake up in a bad mood. I have created awareness on it for humanitarian issues and have expressed my views or bitched about life in general. After being on Twitter for a while I decided to start sharing some of my posts, by doing so I have had the opportunity to write posts for The Broken Heel Diaries and have met a wonderful group of women and have stayed in touch with amazing, ambitious and oh so witty people.

I hadn’t exposed my blog to friends or family because I didn’t want anyone to be catching feelings over what I wrote. What do you think has happened? Yup…people have caught feelings. LOL. I find I have already had to censor myself in order not to cause personal problems with people who are close to me and to be quite frank IT SUCKS! It’s my fucken blog! You don’t like? Press the big red ‘x’ at the top right corner of your screen! SMH. So to those that think I’m writing certain things with YOU in mind…you couldnt be more self-centered wrong. I write things about MY life, from MY point of view and I have thrown MYSELF under a bus NOT YOU. So if you don’t like it…GTFOH!

3 thoughts on “GTFOH!!

  1. I run into some of the same stuff writing stories: people are always looking for themselves in them.

    1. its ridiculous! i can understand a person relating to what you write, but getting offended by it!?! makes me want to turn around and tell them ‘you’re not that important! this isn’t about you!’

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