Dear God,

What the fuck have I done that’s so wrong with my life that I get dished out all kinds of BULLSHIT? What’s really good big guy? Seriously. WTH is your problem. Is it because I don’t go to all these so called places of worship to have someone preach your name to me? Or is it because I didn’t offer my children’s souls up to you in baptism? Perhaps its the fact that I didn’t get confirmed like a good little catholic girl?

Whatever your reason is honestly GET THE FUCK OVER IT! I’m keeping it real with you right now ok. I’m talking to you same way I would talk to any other bone headed friend of mine. If you’re going to strike me with your thunderous fury at some point while I’m clicking away here then you better do it now because once we get this ball rolling we might not talk again for awhile…no?…. OK. Let’s keep this going then…

So back to your fuckery you have against me. I want to start by saying that I recognize what I do have…I’m not an idiot, and yes I am grateful and realize how lucky I am compared to so many others and ray tay tay. I know this man! *chris tucker voice* I feel like I need to get some shit out there right now though and the fact that I’m fucken melting in my apartment, my back is humming and I’m bleeding like a fucken gutted pig (on behalf of all women, thanks a lot Asshole) has me in a very bitchy and I just don’t give a damn kind of mood.

So now that we said the nice stuff, let’s move on. WTF is your problem with me?!?! I know I had sex out of wed lock…get over it! The ones that never did are a dying breed! Besides I don’t have to tell you that my track record is nothing I can’t count on one hand. I’ve broken a shitload of your commandments…and? Despite the petty shit you may look at I’m a good fucken person. I deserve to have a husband, a nice house and a white fucken picket fence! It seems like any dirty whore out there can get someone to marry them. I don’t care if I sound bitter about this, fucken right I am! Another thing…I’m sick and tired of having to worry about being able to pay my rent, buy food, shoes, clothes and everything else in between. I don’t want to stress about what to priorities anymore! You have all these fucken heathens causing so much damage and suffering in this fucken pathetic world yet they are the ones running the show and leading “your” people. They have everything while so many have nothing! GTFOH! Reward those that have earned it you dumbass!!

Look I’m tired man…I’m sick of being so fucken angry with life all the time. I don’t want to feel so angry that it literally feels like my heart will stop and the top of my head will blow off. Really…you know what? Because I just miraculously found one more Corona in my fridge…imma lay off you. Have trust though that this WILL continue! Now go think about what you’ve done.


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