Literary Journey Update

I realise I haven’t written any updates in regards to my “home studies” I’m doing but being the super genius that I am…I lost the book I was reading LOL. I know, I know…theres no hope for me! I will have to start reading Henry Kissinger as that is the other book I was able to order. I need to go on a quest to find my other book, I know its in my house…somewhere. For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read about it here, this is the book I “lost” and these are the books I have to read in order to teach myself about International Relations. Screw you educational system! I’ll teach my damn self!


3 thoughts on “Literary Journey Update

  1. Ahahah my thoughts exactly. The education systems is very flawed. Instead of teaching us things, it’s more like most institutions have turned over to a more business-like corporate grounds to suck the money out of “us students”. Ahh capitalism at it’s finest.

    1. I still need to invest in a Thesaurus and a Dictionary lol. Some of the language used in these books is BEYOND me! I refuse to give in to big words though lol

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