What Are Moms Supposed to Look Like?

Times have changed and even our own mothers have evolved with the times, mine certainly has. She dresses allot more fashionable then me that’s for sure. Before when we thought of mothers we would right away envision mom jeans, short or big teased hair. Does fashion and being a mom mix? When you become a mom do you automatically have to dress more conservative, remove all piercings that aren’t on your earlobes and hide your tattoos or forget all illusions you may have had of getting one?

I personally feel I lost all fashion control after having kids. I vicariously dress myself through magazines, Internet or just random window shopping. I always have an awareness of being the youngest parent at my daughter’s school, wherever I end up working or even groups I end up hanging out with. It has always been that way, even as a kid growing up I used to always hang out with all the older kids and for whatever reason they used to let me. So you see I have ALWAYS been the youngest and have had this need to act and look older then I am. As a parent I feel like I wont be looked at as this young mom that doesn’t know what shes doing. As a professional I feel like I’ll be respected more for my input.

The look of moms range from Angelina Jolie to Rosie O`Donnell to June Cleaver and everyone in between. But what do you think of when you picture a mom?

I know its a very normal thing for moms to fall into a fashion rut. It’s very difficult not to when you have to worry about kids, cleaning your home, washing the piles of dirty laundry, cooking, bills and work (for those of us that have a job outside our homes). Sometimes it only takes the smallest things to make you feel glamorous, things that were just considered part of the daily routine before the kids came along like washing your hair, applying some concealer, blush, mascara and lipgloss and when you get a chance to really dress up for a night out you just feel like completely different person.

I just think that moms need to put more effort into making themselves feel better, that’s what it’s really about. Being happy with who you are. After all, in the words of Coco Chanel: “Fashion fades, only style remains.” So what do you think a mom looks like? What kind of mom do you think you are? Is there a look that you would deem “inappropriate” or sceams “not a mother”? Do you judge other moms by how they dress?

 Posted on: The Broken Heel Diaries


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