You ever have those days when you feel completely unappreciated and you have to just stop and wonder “So what the fuck have I been doing all this time?!?!” It is natural for us as human beings to focus and remember on the negative rather than the positives. So much so that the positive actions go unnoticed, obscured by whatever fuck up you might have done days/weeks/months or even years ago. I am guilty of this as well especially when it comes to relationship issues. I remember the days when I was one of those “I don’t give a fuck” girls. Although it was somewhat extreme I really wish I can get some of that back. I would probably get some years back on my life. Is there a point where you can care TOO much? Not obsessive like (I’m not one of  THOSE chicks) but somewhat…unhealthy. Unhealthy because it really actually takes a toll on my health, mental and physical. WTF is it that makes women catch feelings so damn much?? Should we take a page out of the Man Book and learn a thing or two from them?

This shit is fucken frustrating and I don’t know how much more my heart can take. If any of you have any suggestions or answers please share. Your girl is one hot mess right now and can’t climb out of this shit hole =/


2 thoughts on “Unappreciated

  1. Hay amiga a veces leo tu blog y tus palabras son casi como leer mis pensamientos. En parte me da alegria saber que no soy la unica que piensa de la manera en que pienso.
    Sugerencias no tengo ni una sola lo siento pero si se que en cosas del amor hay que saber tener paciencia.

    1. thanks for reading it. this is the only venting venue i have that wont judge, wont criticize and will just let me put it all out there

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