My name is…

Hello blog readers, I am the new addition to Colour in a Fenced in World. I wasn’t sure how to go about this introduction; should it be cordial or should it be casually friendly?

Well here we go.

My name is Sophie, and I am Mafa’s loving , doting , younger sister. I recently got accepted into journalism at Humber, due to my constant growing passion for writing and love of talking to people. But while I’m growing up, I obviously encounter issues that maybe some readers have been through when they were younger or they are going through it now. Who knows?  Maybe my writing will make you feel a bit nostalgic of your golden years.

Now  I don’t mean to generalize on the readers of Mafa’s blog and deem you guys as “older” but, I am younger. So it’s inevitable that perhaps I will say certain things that might make you “tut-tut” or shake your head at today’s youth.

Also on top of me writing certain occurences that happen in my life so far, I might post a small contemporary piece of writing because I have a passion for poetry (which I consider an unappreciated type of art nowadays).

So enjoy.

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