How Am I Doing???

“How are you doing?” That’s all I keep hearing from everyone. When you’re in a situation like the one I’m in right now I always find myself in a spot where I have to answer as positively as possible to avoid what would be an awkward moment if I were to answer with the truth. So here is the truth so you know the background info to my “Oh, I’m ok” or “I’m good” replies…

I am dealing with a break up with the father of my children and a man I have given 9 years of my life to. Despite how much some of you may not like him, well, I’m having a hard time to get past that hurdle…sorry o_O. I still have no steady income and don’t rely on help from ANYONE! So I am broke, desperate and hungry thank you…as are my kids. Well, at least for them I can fool them with a bowl of cereal or some mac and cheese if I have to. I can’t pay my rent, my bills, for laundry, food, proper fitting clothes, shoes or panties! I can’t even get on a fucken bus right now. Some of you know this, some of you don’t…well, now you know. Too much info? I don’t give a fuck! Usually people don’t share their misfortunes (especially financial ones) with others to keep the other person from feeling uncomfortable…I don’t care. I’m telling it to you straight. I’M BROKE AS A JOKE!

I had built myself a nice little platform of female empowerment and was thriving off of that whole “I am woman, hear me roar” shit. I was comfortable where I was, whether I was alone or with a partner by my side. Now I’m swimming through some murky waters looking for that damn platform so I can climb back on it. So this is my one and only explanation to all of you about “how I am”. If you insist on asking how things are then I’m going to put you in that awkward position and tell you how shit everything is right now. I’m going to make you wish you never asked…bitch move? Yeah…again…don’t care.


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