Have u ever felt a pain so incredibly blinding and excruciating that it literally feels like it has a life of its own? It’s almost like it’s incubated inside u trying to gnaw its way out. A pain that makes u squirm in agony, makes you want to welcome death just to make it stop. It’s a pain that never in your most vivid and demonic nightmares you could possibly imagine. A pain that will leave the ugliest of scars for a lifetime, it has to, there’s nothing pretty about something that hurts so much. This pain makes u feel like anything human has been squeezed out of you, it turns you into a walking corpse. It’s there, present, always, like air. It’s there when u breathe in…and breathe out. When u close your eyes, when you think, sleep, shit, eat…its everywhere and everything all at once. Have u ever felt a pain that you wouldn’t wish onto your worse enemy? You can’t ignore it. It rears its ugly head and taunts and teases you. It tears at you with such force when you try to tear yourself away from it for a little bit of peace…a pain that makes you think more and more how sweet and quiet death can be.


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