When you meet him he seems right in all the right places. He’s smart, hilarious comfortable. Lovable on a level that you don’t even understand. You go out with him for a coffee and he orders something different but special just for you. You have the most in depth convo with him and it feels like he’s everything you’ve wanted. Mind you- you dare not “show” it, even though its incredibly obvious there’s an attraction. He takes you home and he kisses your forehead and the night seems complete. You are absolutely convinced that its going to go well.

“I’m sorry but I’m going through a rough time right now. I just broke up with my girlfriend and its been really hard. But I believe in fate and happy endings. If its meant to be and if I’m worthy of having an angel like you, it will be set in the future for us :)”. Now this seems like something that everyone goes through. Its a prick to the heart (big prick to the heart actually) but whatever you’ll get over it right?….Right?
*BUZZER SOUND* soo wrong! You stay friends with him and you learn how melodramatic he is about e v e r y t h i n g! About his work, friends, exes, about his hair. Oh that’s right he’s a boy with a vagina for a brain. My friends let me introduce you to “the bucket of emotions”. A charming individual who seems like the soul mate from hell. He will want you one minute and the next he will act morally correct. Mind you, while he’s telling you you’re perfect he’s screwing the girls you know and floozies you hate. And you end up hating him. But only for a moment- oh he’s good. And you know his games but my god you stumble for the shit everytime. He’s so emotionally retarded that you wonder why the hell you feel, the way you feel for him. He’s fun to be friends with; so why not leave it at that? Because he totally pulls the “stare into each others eyes and pull you close” move. And then you gotta take a quick breathe but before you do maybe a quick peck. Idiot. Why did you kiss him? And now your back to that again. You guys always talk about how you feel for each other. But his story changes more than a tacky soap opera. From one day to the next he’s a lover to a distant friend. You call him and its clingy. You don’t and your a douche.

He sounds like a woman doesn’t he? Like one of those emotional wrecks that we avoid to have as close friends. You think you almost love him, but you realize that “hate” has the top billing on this ticket. You want to give up and you do for maybe a month, and he always manages to break your heart and ego to make it easier. But it makes you a bit bitter. He’s a big bucket overflowing with every damn emotion. And you deal with it. You’ll never know why will you? No I don’t think you will.


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